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basim magdy: neue arbeiten

im dritten vorstellungsgespräch präsentiert der ägyptische künstler basim magdy zumsammen mit marianne rinderknecht seine aktuelle arbeit, die er für die neue kunsthalle st.gallen realisiert und gibt einblick in sein werk. das vorstellunsggespräch findet in englischer sprache statt.

basim magdy's work is about him never witnessing a real war, about never going to the moon, or meeting a «hero». it's about never seeing a real pirate, ghost, superman, et or alien. it's about seeing all of this on tv and the understanding he has of each of these elements, their powers and their roles. magdy's work playfully deconstructs the understanding we have of their powers and authority. in a twisted humorous way, he displaces heroes in awkward situations that defy expectations. instead of saving the world, they're cursed with failure and defeat even when struggling for their own survival. soldiers and war jets in glorifying stances look harmless and rather friendly in an obvious mockery of the biased and almost entertaining way war is presented in the media to keep the masses transfixed.

in 2004, magdy's work will appear in re:source at art in general in new york, usa; and dream on (with marianne rinderknecht) at the neue kunsthalle st. gallen, switzerland among other shows.

leitung marianne rinderknecht






basim magdy zeigt im projektraum exex aktuelle arbeiten.





zuhörer/innen während der präsentation.