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PLAY. texas rangers: music in my art

nachdem die «texas rangers» im exex vor zwei jahren das «cow-bell-massacre-problem» erfolgreich gelöst haben, tritt bella angora jetzt mit einer fulminanten best-of-show mit songs aus allen rangers-performances solo auf. das publikum erwartet ein liederabend der abgründigen art.

die künstler schreiben zu ihrer arbeit: «the two visual- and performance artists bella angora (a) and christian falsnaes (dk/a) have been collaborating since 2003, producing numerous performances, videos and installations.
a very distinct part of these productions has been music as an integrated element assigned to the presented works. this music is produced and performed by the artists themselves, enabling them to work consciously on giving the music exactly that sound design and text necessary for the specific contexts.

mostly, falsnaes has composed and produced the music, angora has written the lyrics and performed the vocals. even though the music was always meant to be a part of some performance, video or installation works, a distinct music style has developed, leaving the music as a stand alone side project of the artist duo. the style is recognizable through repetitive melodic guitar-riffs, keybord compositions, very little or none drumbeats, as well as texts about the demarcation of the «i» from the mass and the mainstream, revolt against norms and patterns, identity, gender and contemplation of concepts like «truth» and «reality».

now bella angora is presenting a number of songs from the collaboration in projektraum exex. to the sound productions of christian falsnaes, she will perform the vocals live, accompanied by video projections from performances and videos in which the songs have been used.»


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bella angora im projektraum exex: music in her art …